Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Coeur Rochester and POA 11. If you have any other questions, please call 775-273-7995, Ext 1913 (voicemail only) or email [email protected].

How is Coeur Rochester responding to Covid-19 challenges?

We continue to proactively assess the situation regarding COVID-19 across our operations and at our corporate headquarters. We are following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization as well as state and local authorities to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and communities and minimize business interruption. Key initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Travel and site access restricted to business-critical needs
  • Health and travel questionnaires as well as temperature checks required prior to entering sites
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting of common areas
  • Social distancing requirements
  • Extended rotational schedules at certain operations to reduce travel to and from site
  • Employee testing, contact tracing technology and appropriate quarantine protocols in response to any COVID-19 exposures
  • Partnering with our communities in communication and local responses

More FAQs from Coeur Mining regarding COVID-19 can be found here.

What is POA 11?

Since approval of the initial Plan of Operation in 1986, the Coeur Rochester Mine has undergone periodic mine plan amendments to support mine development projects and continued operations. Our most recent mine plan amendment POA 11 will extend the life of the mine and allow us to maintain our current workforce and operate the mine at full production until 2038.

What will the construction for POA 11 include?

POA 11 Construction operations will include:

  • Expansion of the Rochester and Packard Pits*
  • Relocation of spent ore from Stage I Heap Leach Pad (HLP) and a portion of Stage II HLP to Stage V HLP
  • Construction of two new heap leach pads: Limerick Canyon Stave VI and Packard*
  • Construction of two new processing facilities: Limerick and Packard*
  • Increase in waste rock storage capacity
  • Construction of two new Rochester and Packard crushing systems*
  • Enhancements to site utilities and infrastructure

*Packard will be constructed at a later date.

Who will be doing the construction work?

Coeur Rochester is launching its POA 11 construction operations with the added expertise from respected mine construction companies SNC Lavalin and NewFields.

What is Coeur doing to ensure that its POA 11 contract workers follow the code of conduct?

Coeur requires employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors to abide by a Code of Conduct.  All signatories agree to adhere to all health and safety policies; comply with Coeur’s zero-tolerance alcohol and drug policy; comply with all environmental laws, regulations and policies; conduct themselves in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; and commit to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Where can I apply for a job?

Coeur Rochester is committed to a local hire first policy. To apply for employment at the mine or during construction, click here.

Note: There is not onsite hiring for construction.

Will POA 11 construction activities lead to local roads closures or cause traffic delays?

At its peak, 300 people will be employed in construction labor and most will be commuting from Fallon, Lovelock and Winnemucca. With both public and worker safety at the forefront of construction operations, Coeur will provide bus transportation for construction personnel to and from the site starting in early 2021, depending on Covid-19 guidance. This will help reduce the amount of traffic on Limerick Canyon Road reducing carbon emissions and minimizing exposure to vehicular incidents.

Members of the public using Limerick Canyon Road are encouraged to drive with extreme caution as construction trucks and equipment can be entering and exiting the roadway. When driving through the work zone, always obey construction signs and speed limits.

Coeur Rochester is committed to doing everything possible keep road access open and to provide alternatives when closures occur.

What if I have questions or concerns about POA 11 construction activities?

Coeur Rochester has set up contact phone and email to handle questions or concerns from the public about POA 11 construction. To contact Coeur Rochester about POA 11 construction:

How will POA 11 benefit the local community?

Coeur Rochester creates benefits in our local communities through job creation, and by growing the economy and investing in local non-profits and community organizations.

  • Coeur Rochester operations support an estimated 826 direct and indirect jobs in Pershing County and elsewhere in northern Nevada providing well-paid, local employment opportunities
  • Coeur Rochester purchases approximately $20 million in goods and services state-wide each year supporting vendor and contractor businesses
  • Over the past six years, Coeur Rochester has paid over $24 million in taxes to the State of Nevada and local governments providing tax revenue for schools, emergency services, public works project and other important programs
  • Coeur Rochester supports our local communities in a variety of ways including through volunteer time, sponsorships and donations and has contributed over $350,000 since 2011 to support over 35 groups in our local communities
How will Coeur Rochester protect the environment?

Coeur Rochester is committed to environmental stewardship and will continue to meet or exceed all state and federal requirements to protect the environment during POA 11 construction. Since 1991, the Rochester has received fifteen (15) awards, recognitions and proclamations for excellence, including for reclamation, wildlife habitat enhancement, conservation measures, cultural resources protections, and operational efficiencies.

What future expansion or exploration plans are in store for Coeur Rochester?

Coeur Rochester recently consolidated land positions around the Rochester Mine, including a property package consisting of the Lincoln Hill Project, Wilco Project, Gold Ridge Property and other nearby claims. Exploration on these additional lands is advancing as the company attempts to find additional mineable resources. This consolidation allows Coeur Rochester to leverage existing infrastructure, workforce and expertise providing significant operational synergies.